human microbiome

Our Mission

The DFI aims to maximize good health and the economic, social, and personal benefits it delivers.

Career Opportunities in the DFI


Laboratories in the DFI

Comstock Lab

Laurie Comstock's lab studies the biology of a predominant order of bacteria of the human intestine, the Bacteroidales.

Light Lab

The Light Lab focuses its research on the role of the gut microbiome in human health and the basis and function of specialized bioelectrochemical activities across diverse bacteria.

Mimee Lab

The Mimee Lab develops strategies to engineer the microbiome in hopes of achieving precise control of microbiome composition and function in order to improve health and cure disease.

Mukherjee Lab

The overarching goal of the Mukherjee Lab is to understand how bacteria decode and integrate self-generated and environmental stimuli to control transitions between individual and collective behaviors.

Pamer Lab

The Pamer Lab studies interactions between pathogenic and beneficial bacteria and their mammalian hosts.

Raman Lab

Research in the Raman lab is motivated by two central questions: (1) What is the 'wiring diagram' of evolved systems? and (2) Why is the wiring diagram the way it is?