DFI Mourns the Loss of Eric Littmann


Eric Littmann was the founding member of the Bioinformatics team in the Duchossois Family Institute.  Upon graduating from Fordham University, Eric joined the center for microbiome studies at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2011 as a Research Study Assistant.  While working on pioneering clinical studies of the microbiome’s impact on cancer treatment responses, Eric developed expertise in data analysis and bioinformatics and became a data analyst for the Center for Microbes, Inflammation and Cancer at Sloan Kettering.  In 2019, when the opportunity arose for Eric to establish a bioinformatics team in the newly established Duchossois Family Institute, he moved to Chicago.  Eric’s talents went beyond science and data analysis.  An accomplished musician, Eric traveled the world and performed in concerts with his musician colleagues.  A good friend to many, both in and outside of work, his intelligence, humor, patience, dedication, and easy-going manner will be greatly missed. In his honor, we will establish the Eric Littmann Lecture as part of the University of Chicago’s Microbiome Center Seminar Series.  Donations towards the lecture can be made using this link.

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